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Sometimes it strikes me how poverty and privilege became silent neighbors. And the world just keeps going, ‘cause it has to. Everyday we ignore how completely broken this world is....



I feel the way you want me
I see that you are lonely
If you couldn’t know, you’d leave with me
It’s more than curiosity
And I never long for winter
To your presence made me shiver
Untethered you’d be better if you’d only come with me

One night I’ll be the moon
Hanging over you
Spilling all over your body
Covering all your wounds
One night I will be the star
Follow where you are
Somewhere in the deep of my love
Filling your empty heart
One night, one night, one night
One night, one night, one night

You’ve come so close to tasting
Now my innocence is breaking
Like the ocean in a perfect storm
It makes me want you even more
I’ve never been so jealous
I’ve never felt so helpless
So out of breath and hungry for you


The Words by Christina Perri.


The Words by Christina Perri.


If you listen to Be My Forever really closely the “1,2,3,4” part you can actually hear Taylor. And don’t say this isn’t legit because Christina Perri herself said Tay was there when they recorded the song.